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Click here to download this OMH description (PDF 219 Ko)
Click here to download the OMH operating instructions (PDF 102 Ko)

alignment function…

requiring multiple laser sources with precise

  • University / Private Research Lab

Laser Detection, Laser Telemetry, Laser Targeting

  • Defense / Security

with several high power laser sources…

  • Micro-machining / welding

of laser sources from 4 to 128)…

link (Nx1 Gb/s up to 2 km, N being the number

Free Space Point-to-Point Transmission

  • Telecom

/ trees (grapevine, fruits, vegetables…)

Parasites / Molds /Insects elimination on plants

  • Bio-agronomy

analysis…using specific wavelength

Detection, Counting, Qualitatitive / Quantitative


  • Audiovisual / Multimedia

Professional Video Projection, Digital Cinema…

  • Biomedical / Molecular biology


Convergent (4 sources) and colinear (3 sources) configuration

* Option : the OMH-7s may be equipped with a Z-axis adjustable central pyramid to vary the distance between each beam (typically from 2 mm to 6 mm in colinear configuration, other specific distances upon request)


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Convergent configuration

Divergent configuration

Related pattern (X-Y plan, Z = 1 m, grid in millimeter)

Related pattern (X-Y plan, Z = 40 mm, grid in millimeter)

Related pattern (X-Y plan, Z = 40 mm, grid in millimeter)

Related pattern (X-Y plan, Z = 40 mm, grid in millimeter)

Colinear configuration

Examples of possible multibeam laser patterns with the OMH-7s

An electronic command module adapted to your specific integrated laser diodes / laser diodes modules choices may be achieved upon request.


External Dimensions (mm)

A wide range of laser diodes in the near ultraviolet, blue, red and the near infrared can also be integrated upon request. If necessary, note that a same OMH-7s can be equipped with different laser diodes or laser diodes modules models to work until 7 different wavelengths and / or optical powers. Life  expectancy of each laser diode component are according to laser diodes manufacturers (typically 1000 up to 5000 hours).

OMH-7s equipped with 7 red laser diodes
(Arima Lasers)
Product reference: OMHc_7LD[ADL63054TL]/635/5_PS
635 nm
Beam diameter
3x1 mm
7 x 5 mW
Beam divergence (full angle)
< 1,5 mrad
Beam stability (Long Term)
< 2 µrad
Power stability
Distance between each beam (colinear configuration)
4 mm *
Operating Temperature
-10°C to + 50 °C
Stockage Temperature
-40°C to + 85 °C


OMH-7s standard
Product reference:  OMHc_7LD_X56_PS
Copper and Aluminium
1050g +/- 20g
260  mm +/- 0,2 mm
83  mm +/- 0,2 mm
2 (X-Y)
Screws sensibility
0.7 µm
Operating Temperature
-10°C to + 50 °C
Stockage Temperature
-40°C to + 85 °C


The 7-sources Optical Matricial Head (OMH-7s) of BreizhTechTM has been designed for an easy and precise X-Y adjustment of its laser beams. It enables, among other things, to generate a compact and colinear multibeam laser group from several sources distributed radially. These 7 sources are laser diodes or laser diodes modules emitting from the near ultraviolet to the near infrared (300 nm to 2000 nm, or more upon request), optical powers can be high (Class 1 to 4). The OMH provides a high-precision adjustment function thanks to a patented 3-points tuning technology using high-precision screws. The average precision is 10 mrad/screw turn/axis. The OMH is equipped with an axial M26x1 thread, allowing the addition of an optical device such as a beam reducer or expander.
Note that the OMH may be equipped with a capacity from 4 sources up to 128 sources for high end applications simply by stacking the different stages.
Each laser diode or laser diode module is integrated in a patented device, called Optical Source Module (OSM), allowing its alignment and its temperature control (heat dissipation by copper specific matrice and integrated fans). The compact design of the OMH-7s and its anodized aluminium body provide a great hardiness (resistance to wearing, corrosion and heat). An internal system of laser beams concentration (based on a central pyramid equipped with High Performance aluminium mirrors) allows high reflection coefficient (R = 98 %), with a possible very high optical power (thanks to the high damage threshold of the mirrors).
The OMH-7s is customisable upon request: it can be sold as a stand-alone sub-system or integrating laser diodes (with standard or specific electronic control upon request) or laser diodes modules. The OSM-7s offers an exceptionnal modularity in terms of choice of integrable laser diodes / laser diodes modules in the near ultraviolet, blue, red, and the near infrared. Standard electronics offer an ultra-fast laser control for telecom applications. Electronics can also be specified upon request.

  • Accurate orientation of 7 laser beams
  • Possible generation of a compact colinear and/or convergent multibeam laser group
  • Adjustment screws allowing a X-Y high-precision alignment of each beam (adjustable Z-axis focusing distance enabling convergence of the beam’s group)
  • Screws with side lock mechanism ensuring a stable adjustment
  • Compact and robust design
  • Wide range of integrable laser diodes / laser diodes modules (in terms of wavelength and power)
  • High optical power possible
  • Specific electronic command upon request

Optical Matricial Head (OMH) – 7 Laser Sources